What are the requirements for wireless charging technology for electric cars?

When wireless charging technology is applied to electric cars, the selection of charging location, charging method and charging battery:

(1) Choice of charging location. Wireless charging technology is related to the distance and state of the charger and the device being charged, that is to say, the distance between the two cannot be too large, and there is no relative movement between the two, otherwise the power cannot be transmitted stably and effectively. Therefore, the charging location can only be the place where the car stops, that is, the garage, parking lot, expressway service area, etc. The charging device of the bus can also be set at the bus stop.

(2) The choice of charging method. It can be seen from the three charging methods that the distance required for electromagnetic induction charging is too small, and the efficiency of radio wave charging is too low, while the distance and efficiency of electromagnetic resonance charging can meet the needs of electric cars.

(3) Selection of rechargeable batteries. Electric cars will be charged at any time in the city, so it is necessary to choose a non-polluting battery with no memory effect for charging.

What are the requirements for wireless charging technology for electric cars?
car wireless charging technology

Conditions for the application of wireless charging technology in electric cars:

(1) In the construction of roads and construction projects, the power supply unit shall pre-buy wireless charging chargers at intersections, parking spaces of public parking lots, parking spaces of units or communities and under garages according to the plan, and make the chargers and the grid or Solar panel connection.

(2) The car manufacturer should install the wireless charging receiver on the bottom of the car and connect it with the battery and other equipment.

(3) Relevant state departments should unify the frequency of transmitting and receiving signals so that they can be used universally.