Electric car charging billing system and charging station application scheme

⑴ Electric car charging and billing system
The charging and billing system for electric cars consists of the following three parts:
① The charging and billing system management platform provides centralized management of the basic data involved in the system, such as electric car information, power purchase user information, and asset information.
②The charging and billing system operation platform is used for the operation and management of the charging and discharging of electric cars and the recharging of electricity users.
③The charging and billing system query platform is used to comprehensively query the relevant data generated by the management platform and the operation platform

⑵Application scheme of electric car charging station
Establishing a fast charging network for electric cars and speeding up the construction of public charging facilities in public places such as parking lots, such as charging stations (piles), are specific measures to implement the new energy car strategy. In accelerating the deployment and construction of electric car charging stations, large central enterprises such as State Grid, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Southern Power Grid, and China National Petroleum Corporation have given full play to their advantages and have begun to contribute to the construction of charging stations (piles) across the country.
Based on the existing terminal network in the petrochemical industry, some gas stations have been transformed into comprehensive service stations with charging functions. The petrochemical industry application plan is shown in Figure 1. The bus group uses the original parking yard to build a charging station. The bus charging station application scheme is shown in Figure 2. Taxi charging stations are usually equipped with fast charging terminals, and electric taxis can be fully charged within one hour. The application scheme of taxi charging stations is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 1 Application plan of petrochemical industry
Electric vehicle charging billing system and charging station application scheme
Figure 2 Application scheme of bus charging station
Electric vehicle charging billing system and charging station application scheme
Figure 3 Application scheme of taxi charging station

⑶ Installation location of electric car charging pile
The protection level of charging piles installed outdoors should not be lower than IP54, and the protection grade of charging piles installed indoors should not be lower than IP32. Charging piles are generally built in the following places:
①Public parking lot. The public parking lot is one of the best places to install charging piles. It has convenient transportation and easy access. The charging piles can be separated from the parking space or combined to charge.
②Large shopping center. The installation of charging piles in large shopping malls will inevitably be welcomed by shopping malls. Drivers and passengers of electric cars will use the charging time to purchase goods by the way, which can achieve a win-win situation with shopping malls.
③A roadside area where parking is possible. Parking in cities is becoming more and more difficult. Many non-arterial roads are allowed to be used for temporary parking. Since the fast charging station for box-type electric cars occupies a very small area (less than 20m2), the location for fast-charging stations for box-type electric cars is relatively small. Many, and can be moved at any time as needed.
④Highway service area. Set up several fast charging stations for box-type electric cars in the highway service area to connect to surrounding cities. The number is not large, but it is of great significance and will greatly increase the confidence of electric car users.
⑤ Residential district. This is the place closest to the user. Although many slow charging stations can be set up in the community, almost everyone may encounter the need to go out in an emergency. The slow charging station must be combined with the fast charging station to function.
⑥ Units, office buildings, etc. General units and office buildings have parking lots. The purchase of a charging station by a unit can not only serve the unit’s electric cars, but also serve the unit’s employees. Of course, it can also allow social cars to quickly charge.
⑦Special scenic spots, important national highways, remote highways and areas with no guarantee for electricity use can be charged by solar energy and wind energy.
⑧ Refit part of emergency charging cars to carry out emergency charging of electric cars that broke down on the roadside due to exhaustion of electricity.

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